MFP-AESC_Quiet-Time_BGet in the habit of taking a “quiet time” every day when your child has quiet time. As you create your child’s routine of nap time, he will understand how important it is if he sees you also slowing down, taking time to recharge your batteries. Even if your child doesn’t want to sleep, she can develop a routine of staying in her bed and having quiet play with books and soft toys. Turn down the lights; turn off the TV and anything that makes sound. You can play soft, slow music to help set the mood; however try to turn off other electronics. While your child may nap for longer, you can take a few minutes to breathe, read a magazine, reflect on your day, or close your eyes. When you are ready, you can resume your daily tasks while your child finishes his nap. You will come to look forward to quite time every day!