Babies on the Homefront provides military and veteran parents ideas for enhancing everyday moments with their baby or toddler. Parents will find lots of material to add to their toolbox of strategies, including:

  • Behavior Tips—Ideas for handling those tougher parenting moments like tantrums, or those unique challenges like missing a deployed parent
  • PT (Play Time)—Ideas for fun and soothing activities that will keep your connection to your baby strong no matter where you are
  • At Ease (Self-Care)—Ideas to help you remember to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your baby
  • Help Me Grow (Your Child’s Development)—Information on your child’s development with tips for you to support your child as they grow
  • New! Private Messaging—Privately message your co-parent, sharing your family’s experiences. Send fun emojis including kisses, hugs, and high fives. Store photos and videos to share with your child, or send video

Parents can sort information by their young child’s age and specify their situation as At Home, Leaving Soon, Deployed, Home Again, a Veteran, or visiting a hospital. The app also allows quick access to a series of vodcasts on parenting for military and veteran families. ZERO TO THREE gratefully acknowledges USAA for their support, and the Robert R. McCormick Foundation for funding the original app.

Help us spread the news about Babies on the Homefront! Our partner toolkit has everything you need to share the app with the military families in your networks.

  • “Supporting our military and our Veterans means that we also stand beside their families.   Just as we want our warfighters to have the gear and information they need on the battlefield, military and Veterans’ families should have access to the information they need.  I applaud the goals of the Babies on the Homefront app to be a resource for that information.”
  • “For members of our armed forces, returning to their families can be a disorienting and confusing time. When I run into service members or veterans looking for free resources I will be happy to recommend this app. America is stronger when service members receive the information, tools, and support they deserve during difficult transitions.”

    Sen. Christopher Murphy (D-CT)
  • “ZERO TO THREE’s mission to expand access to early education helps give babies and toddlers a head start in life and I’m especially glad the Homefront app will help military families and veterans thrive and succeed. We must support our troops and veterans at every step and this app will help military families face the tough challenges of deployment, moving, and transitioning back to civilian life.”

    Rep. David Cicilline (RI-1)
  • “The military community and their supporters need more resources like ‘Babies on the Homefront’ to aid service members and veterans support their young children and themselves during deployments, reintegration, transition out of service, or other challenging situations. By publicizing and encouraging their use we increase the understanding of the importance of early childhood relationships, building on family strengths, and promoting family resilience.”