MFP-AESC_Must-Do-Want-to-DoParenting is a very demanding and busy job! It isn’t the only thing you have to do, either. Make a list every day of what you think you have to do. Then, review your list. If there is anything that takes more than a day to get done, break it up into smaller, separate tasks. Once your list is complete, put a star next to two things you absolutely have to do today. Put a square by all of the items that can wait if you don’t have time. Think about how you can plan your day to get the two starred items completed. Think about your network of support: Are there any items you can ask someone to help you with? Now, as you start your day, you can prioritize your starred items and ask your network of support to help with whatever they can. You can feel successful if you accomplish those starred items. The other items on your list will get done in time. Did you put on your list something that helps you to relax? If you remember to take care of yourself, you will find you will have MORE energy to get things done. By making these lists, and taking care of yourself, you will have more quality time to just play with your child. You will feel better, and your child will sense how relaxed you are and will feel better, too.