It may feel like the coparent doesn’t get to do much before baby is born, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t bond with their baby, support mom and prepare for parenthood too! Coparents can connect with their baby during pregnancy by talking and reading to them, especially during the second and third trimesters when baby can hear and get to know their parents’ voices. The coparent can support mom and baby by encouraging healthy habits and attending doctor’s visits as much as possible – the more you hear the baby’s heartbeat, understand how baby is growing and developing, and learn with mom about pregnancy, labor and delivery while at appointments, the more confident and connected you’ll both feel through the pregnancy! Coparents and moms can each start thinking and talking about what kind of parents they want to be, their hopes and goals for themselves and the family, and how they plan to manage the first days, weeks and months of baby’s life at home. When dads and coparents are actively involved during pregnancy moms experience less stress, and less stress for mom means a healthier environment for the growing baby. Dads and coparents are important and by supporting mom and preparing for baby’s arrival, they’re helping baby have a strong foundation for growth and development from the start!