MFP-PT_Kissing-Hand_AIn the book The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, the Mamma Raccoon reassures her young child that her kiss in the palm of his hand can help him when he starts to miss her; all he has to do is place his hand on his cheek, and it would be like her giving him a kiss. I like that idea! We can do a project together that is based on this book. Get a nice piece of blank paper. Using tempera paint, gently paint the entire palm of your hand including your fingers, then stamp your handprint onto the piece of paper. After it has dried, do the same with my hand right next to it or even on top of it like we are holding hands. Let it dry. Put some lipstick on, and kiss the palm of my printed hand. Help me to do the same with your hand. Now we have kissing hands for each other! We can look at this when we need to be reminded that our love is always there, even when we are apart! Instead of kissing the print with our lipstick, we could use lip stickers that they sell in craft stores near the scrapbook section. We also could do this same project using fabric paint and put the design on a t-shirt that I can wear. It is so nice to have a way to remember that we can be together even when we are apart!