MFP-PT_Yellow-RibbonYou can help me show how proud I am of my deployed parent by helping me to make a yellow ribbon. Yellow ribbons have come to be recognized as a symbol that someone you love is away serving their country. You can take a ribbon car magnet to trace, or draw your own yellow ribbon onto a piece of yellow construction paper. If I am old enough, you might have me trace the model ribbon and cut the ribbon out. If I am younger, you may need to help me with this. If I have a hard time drawing, you can give me patriotic stickers to decorate my yellow ribbon. If I like to draw, you can give me markers or crayons to draw and decorate my ribbon. Help me proudly place my finished ribbon where I can see it, such as on the family refrigerator. You can make my yellow ribbon “fancy” by having it laminated at the local craft store. You can also purchase a small magnet to glue on the back, but since this would be a choking hazard, I will let you take care of attaching the magnet to the back of the ribbon. While we make the ribbon, you can share with me what it means to be a part of a military family. You can talk about how much we love our country and how proud we are of helping to keep our country safe.