MFP-PT_Cozy-Corner-1_AWhen I was first born I didn’t really need a cozy corner, but as I move around more, crawling and cruising along the furniture, a cozy corner will be a nice place for me to go when I need to have a little bit of quiet time. You can carry me to my cozy corner for some nice cozy cuddle time, or when you feel like I may be getting overwhelmed, or even when I am really frustrated or mad. To set up my cozy corner, clear a small area and make it comfortable with pillows. Make sure it is babyproof, looking for electrical sockets, cords, and items I might be able to reach and hurt myself with! You might put some quiet toys in my cozy corner, like stuffed animals or soft fabric books and board books made for babies my age. When you feel like I need my cozy corner, help me by giving me words for my feelings and letting me know you are going to take me to my cozy corner: “That game is really hard, and you seem like you are getting frustrated. How about we go to the cozy corner to read and cuddle instead. Can I pick you up now?” I may crawl over to my cozy corner by myself. When that happens, it would be nice if you could join me and spend some cuddle time talking or reading, and it is OK if I spend some time alone there. Please, if you take me to my cozy corner, stay with me, and help me to calm and soothe myself. Remember that I am just starting to learn how to deal with all of my emotions. I need my cozy corner to feel like a safe and comfortable place, not someplace I have to go when I am naughty.