MFP-BT_When-Fussy_AWhat I might be saying is, “I am feeling sick, or tired, or hungry.” I might be trying to tell you I am sad or mad, or just overwhelmed by everything going on around me. You can help me by swaddling me, rocking me, and murmuring calmly to me. I also might want you to rub my back or my tummy. If you have learned infant massage, that might be very helpful. Sometimes it helps when you take me outside. If you are feeling frustrated by my crying, please take a break! I know it is hard for you when I cry, and I will notice if you are feeling frustrated or mad and will become even more tense. Ask someone to help you if you feel overwhelmed by my fussiness. Remember, how you are feeling will affect how I am feeling. The calmer you are, the easier it will be for me to be calm.