Even though I’ve started sleeping through the night… sometimes I don’t. I might wake up for a lot of reasons – I’m hungry, I’m scared, I’m just not tired anymore. It’s important to be patient with me when I wake up at night (which can be hard to do, especially when you are feeling tired!). Some things you can do to help me sleep are to keep a consistent bedtime routine and reassure me that you are always nearby while I’m sleeping. If you need to comfort me or check on me in the middle of the night, keep the light off or low so I know it is time to sleep, and use a soft, hushed voice. It’s okay to keep my door open a bit so that I can hear and see you if I’m feeling scared. When I am 12 months old, you can let me sleep with a light blanket or comfy toy, but never before due to the danger of SIDS.