MFP-PT_Dream-of-Me_AIf I am old enough to scribble, I will have lots of fun making this project. If I am not old enough to scribble, I can still do this project but will need lots of help. Take 2 pillowcases—white or a light solid color works best. Use fabric markers to draw on the pillowcases. You can get them at any craft store. My parent who is deploying will make a pillowcase for me to sleep on, and I will make a pillowcase for my deploying parent. We should decorate our pillowcases any way we want. We can also use fabric paint, and we can make handprints and footprints on the pillowcases. It is nice to put the date on the pillowcase so we can remember when we created these masterpieces. Be sure to have lots of clean-up material like rags, baby wipes, or paper towels; and have me wear my “artist” clothes because this can be messy. After the pillowcases are dry, I can sleep with my pillowcase on my pillow if I am old enough, or we can keep my pillowcase on a pillow in my cozy corner for me to see when I miss my deployed parent. My deploying parent can take the pillowcase on deployment, or it can be kept in a safe place until our reunion if it isn’t allowed.