MFP-PT_Look-How-Big-I-AmI am growing so fast. When my parent deploys, I want to make sure you remember me especially since I am changing so fast! This is a two-part activity; the first takes place before deployment, and the second takes place just before you return. First, take a picture of me in your lap. Make two copies so you can have one and I can have one. You can help me “frame” the picture by letting me scribble on a piece of paper, and then we can put the picture on my frame. Below my picture, write the date, and then record my weight and my height. You can put my copy in a babyproof frame, or simply put it in a page protector plastic sheet you can get from any office supply store, and seal the top with clear shipping tape. This can be hung on the wall where I can see it, either from my crib or when I am crawling or walking around. You can take your copy with you, so you remember how much I love you. Just before you are ready to come home, another grown-up who loves me can help me make a new picture to send to you, with a new “frame” showing the date, my weight, and my height. You get to see how much I have grown! You will be able to recognize me when we welcome you home! If you want, you can make a third picture with me on your lap, with the date, my weight, and my height, showing that we are together again. It is nice to continue to make these pictures as I grow, especially because we never know if you might have to go away on another trip! This way, we always have a current picture of us together, helping us to remember our love even when we are apart.