MFP-PT_Cozy-Corner-2_AA cozy corner is a great place for me to go when I feel like I need some quiet time, when I want some cuddle time, or when I am feeling overwhelmed by my emotions. I can go to my cozy corner and gather my thoughts and feelings. It is a place where I feel safe and comfortable. Help to create a cozy corner for me by clearing a small area in our home. It probably will work best if it is in the room where we hang out as a family the most. First, babyproof the area, checking for dangerous electrical outlets, cords, and things I can pull down and hurt myself with. Make the space comfortable with some pillows. You can add some quiet toys like stuffed animals and board books that are safe for toddlers my age. I can go to my quiet cozy corner when I am feeling overwhelmed, or when I want some time by myself or with you, but away from a crowd of people or noise. You can help me learn to use my cozy corner by taking me there when you notice I am having a hard time with my emotions. When you feel like I need my cozy corner, help me by giving me words for my feelings: “I know you really wanted to play with that toy, but it is your brother’s turn. I know that makes you really sad, or maybe even mad.” Ask if I would like to go to the cozy corner to read and cuddle instead. Help me learn how to use the cozy corner to calm and soothe myself. Remember that I am still learning how to deal with all of my emotions. Let me know what I good job I did after I have calmed down.