MFP-BT_How-Learn-Regulate-Emotions-1_ADid you know that I need to learn how to regulate my emotions before I can follow rules and understand limits? That’s right! And I don’t have the ability to calm myself when I am first born. I need you or another trusted adult to help me cope with my strong feelings and emotions. I will learn how to calm myself through my interactions with you and the other loving adults in my life starting at birth and continuing throughout my life. Because I am so young, the first thing I need to learn is how to soothe myself. All babies will have their own way of calming down. You can show me all of the different ways, such as holding me and rocking me, by singing to me, or by helping me suck on my fingers or on a pacifier. When you show me how to soothe myself and calm down, I learn that I can trust you and rely on you to keep me safe. Remember that the calmer you are, the calmer I will be. If my crying is getting to you, put me down in a safe place like my crib and take a few moments to soothe yourself! You and I both do better when you are calm. I will need you to keep me safe and help me to control my emotions this entire first year of my life. It helps to know that you cannot spoil me this first year. I need your love and comfort to learn to be secure and confident.