MFP-PT_Bubbles-BubblesI can have lots of fun trying to pop the bubbles that you blow! Buy some bubbles at the toy store, or you can look up how to make your own bubble soap on the Internet. It is always best to do this outside where the floor won’t get slippery as I chase the bubbles, or on a carpeted surface. You make great bubbles, and I may want to try to blow bubbles, too. Help me experiment with blowing bubbles. At first, I will have a hard time. It won’t be long until I learn how! Tell me to take a deep breath, then to very gently blow out toward the bubble wand. Remind me that I will be more successful when I use “slow and easy” breathing. When I breathe in slowly, my belly will go up, and when I exhale slowly, my belly will go down. I will get so excited when I see that I have made a bubble! Did you know that the same breathing used to blow bubbles is the kind of breathing used in relaxation exercises? You can use this with me to “blow pretend bubbles” to help me learn another way to soothe or calm myself.