MFP-PT_Activity-Bag-3_AI am getting to be so big! Sometimes you might be fooled into thinking I am all grown up! But I still don’t have the ability to sit still for long periods of time. An activity bag is just the thing to help when we have long waits, like at the hospital, or in a restaurant, or even when we go to visit a friend for an afternoon. You can get me a little backpack that I can carry myself, or keep a few things in a small bag with other essential items like baby wipes, diapers, or a change of clothes when I am potty training. It is best to include toys that I can play with quietly. You probably don’t want the toy that has a siren that sounds like a fire engine, even though it is my favorite toy! Books are always good to include. Don’t forget some crayons and blank paper. I like to draw and tell you all about my pictures!