MFP-PT_Activity-Bag-2It is so hard for me to wait, I don’t have the ability to sit still and be patient! You can help me by bringing an activity bag wherever we go. It doesn’t have to be big; in fact, it can fit in my diaper bag! Pick a few items that are just right for my age to help keep me busy when waiting at a doctor’s office for an appointment or in a restaurant for our meal. I can use it when we are taking long drives in the car, too! Good things to include for me are quiet toys that won’t bother others when we are out in public, like books. I might have a favorite kind of a toy, like trains or animals. As I get a little older, chunky crayons and blank paper are great to include. I like to scribble, then tell you all about it (even if you don’t understand everything I am saying!). Of course, be ready! One of my favorite games is to throw my toy down, and then get you to pick it up!