Age-appropriate rules let me know what to expect, which helps me to feel safe, secure, and in control. It is important that you set limits and are consistent in enforcing rules with me now. You can help me cope with these limits through a few easy steps. (1) Stay calm! The calmer you are, the calmer I will be. When I am losing it, I need to know I can count on you to be my rock. (2) If I am having a hard time and start to fall apart, try a distraction. Ignore my kicking and screaming, and do something unpredictable such as asking me to join in a game, or tell me to look at something interesting outside, or just give me a nice hug and let me know you understand. (3) Help me learn how to take a break. Create a safe place for me to pull myself together; perhaps a cozy corner with pillows and a few of my books and stuffed animals. I can go to my cozy spot to calm.