It’s hard for me to sit still. I may fidget, squirm, or even get up and move around. I know it can be frustrating for you, but please understand that I’m not doing it to annoy you. My body has a lot of energy, and sometimes it feels like it’s bursting to come out. It’s part of who I am, and I’m still learning how to manage it. When I can’t sit still, it doesn’t mean I’m not interested or not paying attention. It’s just that my body needs to move to help me focus and feel comfortable. I know it might be challenging for you to deal with my restlessness, but your patience and understanding mean the world to me. When you allow me to find ways to release my energy in a positive way, it helps me feel supported and accepted. If you notice that I can’t sit still, maybe we can take short breaks where I can move around or engage in activities that help me channel my energy. It could be a quick walk, some stretching, or even playing with a stress ball. Remember, I’m still growing and learning about myself and my body. Together, we can find strategies that work for both of us and help me find balance.