MFP-PT_I-Know-YouWhen we get to talk on the phone, or talk over the computer, I feel like you don’t always know what to say to me. I am so little, and I don’t have many words to share with you yet. I like hearing you talk, though, and love hearing you share stories about me and my day! So, email someone at home that I love. Ask them about my day. Did I do anything new today, like say a new word, or pull myself up to a standing position? Do I go to a child care center? Who is my teacher? Who are the other children in my classroom? Are we planning to do anything special, like visiting the zoo? Are we going to do something ordinary, like going to the commissary to get groceries? The more you know about me and my day, the easier it is to talk to me. After getting information about me from someone at home who loves me, you will be able to make up a story about my day and share it with me! It might go something like, “I know you went to child care today and spent time with Miss Talya. And I know you read stories with your friend Mika. And I know you built a big fort with your blocks! When I come home, maybe we will be able to build a fort with blocks together!”