MFP-BT_When-missing-deployed-parent_AWhen I share that I am missing my deployed parent, I may be saying, “I need something to remind me of Daddy. It helps me feel safe and close to him.” You can help keep connections strong at home: bathe me in memories of feelings of my deployed parent. Photographs, stories, tape recordings, videos, a message box with messages, a family journal, and letters can all help. Create a daily ritual to celebrate my parent who is away. For example, we can say goodnight and kiss a picture of him at bedtime. Keep repeating the message, “Your Daddy loves you” even if I don’t understand the words. Keep connections strong when you are away by carrying thoughts of me with you in your heart and thoughts. When you feel it is the right time, remember things we did together. Keep in touch with the latest news about what I’m doing during phone calls and email. Send me letters or drawings. I can enjoy them now and when I am older.