MFP-PT_Nurses-and-Doctors_BSometimes, visiting a big place with lots of strangers can be scary, especially if I see people who are sick, or who are hurting. If I am not ready, please leave me with a trusted adult so that I won’t get overwhelmed. Not all children are able to cope with a hospital visit, and not all hospitals allow young children to visit. If the hospital allows young visitors and we are visiting my loved one, share with me what I might see. First, check your own emotions. I am going to look to you for clues about how I should feel. If you are upset, I will be upset. Next, you can help me get ready for the visit by reading books about going to a hospital before we go. Tell me how doctors and nurses help people get better. Let me know if I might see something that is out of the ordinary. You might even show me pictures of my loved one in the hospital before we go, explaining any bandages, medicine, or special equipment. When we go to the hospital, don’t forget to bring my activity bag, so I can sit quietly. Know that I won’t be able to stay long before I want to start running around and climbing on things. Make sure there is someone with us who can take me outside to play, or plan on staying only for a few minutes. If I get scared, take me outside and let me know that it is OK. Share with me that you and my loved one in the hospital will always love me, and you understand it isn’t easy for me.