Sometimes, it may seem like I prefer the company of my other parent over you. I might ask for them when you’re around or show signs of wanting their attention. Please know that it’s not a reflection of your love or parenting—it’s just a natural part of my emotional development. As a child, I’m constantly exploring my relationships and attachments. Wanting the presence of my other parent doesn’t mean I don’t love or appreciate you. It’s simply my way of expressing my curiosity and need for a balanced connection. When I act like I want my other parent, please try not to take it personally. Instead, understand that it’s an opportunity for me to explore and strengthen my bond with them. Encourage and support my relationship with both of you, as it will contribute to my overall emotional well-being. It’s important for me to have quality time with each parent individually. It helps me develop a sense of security and love from both of you. By fostering a healthy co-parenting relationship, you can create an environment where I feel safe to express my emotions and develop meaningful connections with both of you.