MFP-BT_When-Earlier-Behaviors-Crying-4-Bottle_AWhen I go back to earlier behaviors, such as wanting a bottle again after I have been drinking from a cup, or refusing to use the potty after I have been successful at potty training, I may be saying, “All of these changes are hard for me. As our family adjusts to new jobs, moving back to the civilian community, new health care, and new schools, I am having a hard time adapting to all of the changes!” You can support me by trying to be patient with me. I’m doing what I need to do while I adjust to big changes in our life. Offer me simple, clear words for what I may be feeling: “You look sad. Are you missing Ms. Lisa who used to take care of you?” Try to keep my daily routine at home the same. Unpack and set up my crib or bed, high chair, and some of my toys. Sing the same song at bedtime. Talk to my new teacher about me and about how to help me adjust. Try to spend some time with me at my new child care program. Tell me stories of the things we used to do in our old home or my old program. Show me photos of people I might be missing. If you are concerned that I feel “flat” or show no emotion, talk to my doctor.