MFP-PT_Play-by-PlayWhen you know I am not tired or hungry, a good game for us to play is “Play-by-Play.” It’s easy! Put me on my tummy. It is OK to have a few of my favorite toys near me. You need to get down on the floor so you can see what I see. Now, pretend you are a play-by-play sports announcer for a radio station. You share what I am doing, including what you think I may be attempting. Share what you think I may be thinking. It is great for the development of my verbal skills, and it helps us to get closer. Just imagine it. It might sound sort of like, “Look at Cassie go! She is scooting on her tummy. Now she has stopped. What is she looking at? She spots her red ball. Do you want it, Cassie? It looks like she does. Look at Cassie, she is reaching for it. She can’t quite reach it. Are you thinking about how you can get that red ball? I see you thinking. Your forehead is wrinkling. You are talking to that ball. Can you scoot a little closer, Cassie? You can do it….Cassie reaches for the ball, and yes! She touches it! Look at it roll away. Cassie is so happy! She is kicking her little legs!”