Playtime holds a special significance for us—it’s an opportunity to reconnect and rebuild our bond after being apart during military service. But I might feel hesitant and unsure about engaging with you right away, and that’s okay. Please be patient with me. After our time apart, I may need some time to adjust and feel comfortable. It’s normal for me to be cautious or even hesitant in the beginning. But through play, we can slowly rebuild the trust and connection we shared before. When you join me in play, it shows me that you’re here, ready to be a part of my life once more. Your patience and understanding during this transitional phase mean the world to me. Let’s take things at my pace and create a safe space for me to open up. Simple activities, like building puzzles, drawing, or playing with my favorite toys, can help ease the transition. Let’s engage in play that I enjoy and feel familiar with. As I start to feel more comfortable, we can gradually introduce new activities and games. During play, let’s follow my lead and allow me to express myself freely. It’s okay if I’m reserved or take some time to warm up. Your presence and encouragement will help me build confidence and trust in our connection. Through play, we can also use our imaginations to explore themes of reunion, bravery, and resilience. This can help me process my emotions and experiences in a safe and supportive environment.