Hints for Navigating the App

  • Any time you see the take photo icon  you can take a picture with your smart phone; or, click on the add photo icon and you may select a picture you have stored on your phone.
  • When you choose either Behavior Tips or PT (Play Time) you may tailor the information to your family’s unique circumstances. Enter your child’s age by adding months (+) or subtracting months (-) until it shows your child’s age. For all of the categories, you may specify your status as At Home, Leaving Soon, Deployed, Home Again, Veteran, or Hospital. Simply touch the button until your status is highlighted. deployed_down(shown as selected)
  • You can view most of the content on the app anytime, anywhere—even without access to the web. In order to view the videos, however, you must be connected to the internet. You will be able to share content on the app via Facebook or Twitter. For the protection of your privacy, you will not be able to share your photos. Shared information may be viewed from any computer/tablet/smartphone with an internet connection.
  • To make the app as personal as possible, we have alternated use of “he” and “she.” We also alternate “father” and “mother.” Don’t worry, the information is for you and your child, male or female!

We encourage you to visit the ZERO TO THREE website to learn more about babies and toddlers! Visit www.zerotothree.org.